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Reporting Tools

We offer a high quality and flexible affiliate reporting portal that will help you analyze your players and your campaigns. With this information, you can make more informed decisions and manage budgets to help improve your overall marketing.

This easy-to-use reporting portal gives you a concise and organized way to see all your key data in one place in a visual dashboard as soon as you login.
Each report allows you to filter your data by day, month, year, by campaign, by payment plan, by media and more….

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The home menu provides you with a dashboard of a monthly summary of your stats, live visits, support tickets, recent news, your payment summary and any recent activity regarding your account.

Detailed Activity Report
This report lists detailed activity recorded against your account and the resulting income. Use the filters and column selectors to analyze the available data.

Signup Conversion Report
This report illustrates the ratio of hits to signup conversions (conversion rate) for your advertising

Customer Activity
This report lists detailed activity per customer belonging to your account. You can use the filters to limit customers by their registration details.

Customer Daily Activity
This report lists daily activity for the specified customers. Supply one or more customer reference IDs in the form to see their daily activity.

Customer Registrations
This report lists your registered customers and the details of the advertising they joined via.

Hit & impressions report
This report illustrates the ratio of impression to hits (click-thru-rate) for your advertising.

Media Report
This report illustrates the ratio of impressions to hits (click-thru-rate) per media.

Countries Report
This report illustrates which countries your hits are coming from.

Referrer report
This report lists the number of hits against a referring URL (i.e. the URL of a page your displaying advertising on).

It’s easy to promote Truepoker by grabbing our links and banners in our media gallery. When you add these links and banners to your web page and visitors click on them from your page, you can earn up high commissions on every referrals delivered to our room.

Poker Room Screenshots
We offer a variety of screenshots of different sections of our poker room for you to use on your Web site.

Landing Pages
Our Direct links section has variety of “Call to action” Landing page URL’s to help redirect your traffic. This can be co- branded for you to increase your creditability.

This section will allow you to create a campaign that can be assigned to a linking code. You can track the success of a campaign in the reports for each plan.

Financial Statement
The financial statement lists all commissions earned, payments made and any manual adjustments.

Daily Earnings
This report illustrates the commission earned for your commission plan/s.

Payment Instructions
Affiliate earnings are deposited into your player account. You must create one and insert your username by changing your Payment instructions.

Account details
The account details section will display the contact information you have in our records and our terms and conditions.

Edit Account details
If you need to update your account information, you can do so within this section.

Login History
This table lists the last 10 successful logins on your account.

Our latest news can be found within the Account section under “News”. This is a very handy way to keep you in the loop of what’s going on.

Email Archive
This allows you to view all emails that have been sent to you. Darker items indicate emails that were sent since the last time you logged in.

Support Tickets
This section will allow communications between you and your affiliate manager for any issue you need solved.