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Here are a few helpful tips to maximize the traffic driven from your website:


Create a good user- friendly experience for your visitors

  • Develop relevant poker related content and regularly update it. The search engines love new content.
  • Think about how your site should be organized, decide on a main section and subsection names to try to breakdown the information provided. If your navigation is unclear then your visitors will get frustrated and probably leave and won’t make you any money with your website.
  • Encourage user-generated content, such as a poker room review.
  • Upload the latest creative onto your site and have the text links embedded into relevant content.
  • Use the data you have about your visitors’ demographics and interests to promote the most relevant content.
  • Always inform a user they are going to

Landing page optimization

  • Consider which landing page you direct your traffic too carefully, as the Truepoker homepage is not always the best option in some cases.
  • For example, if your content is about poker tournaments try linking to one of our Tournament landing pages and direct the player straight to the download so they can check out our new tournament schedule.


  • Newsletters are a great way to build up your database, reputation and sign up potential customers.
  • It’s good to provide people with regular reminders about our promotions and reload bonuses by writing a simple page resource of news, advice and latest offers each month.
  •  Encourage feedback, keep it entertaining and personal.

Player Testimonials

  • Testimonials boost your credibility. We encourage you to ask players for regular feedback. Whenever you have a satisfied player – ask whether you could get a quote from them and post it on your site.

Optimize regularly

  • Try to give each promotion or site a different campaign id, so you can monitor the metrics for each.
  • Review the data given by your reports to focus on campaigns that are performing well and improve the ones that are producing lower conversions.
  • Whenever you are testing a new promotion or approach, be sure to set up a new campaign and start with a small volume of traffic, that way you can review the performance and see whether the traffic improved over a period of time.

If you try each of the strategies above and build them into a regular marketing plan, you will certainly boost your profits.